The 4 stages of Growth Hacking

Lately, it seems the world of growth hacking has taken off. With the introduction of things like, Growth Hacker TV and other resources there seems to be a wealth of information surfacing on growth hacking. Don’t get me wrong, I have certainly picked up a few tricks and I think it’s awesome that everybody is sharing their knowledge and all learning from each other. However, one thing i’ve noticed reading through a lot of this content is that there seems to be a significant focus on the what and the how, but not on the when. Do you think Air...

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How can a Growth Hacker help grow my SaaS company?

Recently, I was quoted alongside the likes of Brian Balfour and Dharmesh Shah from HubSpot in a Business Insider article on Growth Hackers. The article explored what Growth Hackers do and why they have come into so much demand recently and is worth a read. In the wake of this article though, I wanted to pen (read: type) my own thoughts on ‘Growth Hackers’ and how they can help SaaS companies grow (as SaaS growth is really the focus of this blog). Although I understand the reasons why Sean coined the term, I must admit I don’t really like the term ‘Growth Hacker’....

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6 growth hacks to increase your blog’s effectiveness

As part of my ongoing efforts to transform Dubsat to an Inbound Marketing approach, we will soon be launching the Dubsat blog and a number of targeted eBooks which we have been working on for the past few months. One of my main roles in this launch is designing and developing the blog itself and I’ve recently spent a bit of time going back through all my Pocket articles and pulling out all the little tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the past few years and ensuring we incorporated them in the design. Considering these tips & tricks were spread over multiple...

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4 scalable growth hacks to reduce churn in your B2B SaaS product

As I embark on yet another project of designing & implementing analytics systems, this time for Dubsat, i've been focusing in a lot on Churn and the different ways of monitoring and managing it. It goes without saying that Churn is an incredibly important metric for SaaS businesses, but many business don’t realise just how much revenue is being lost through customer churn. To illustrate this, I have given a quick example: If you have 10,000 customers with an annual ARPU of $500 and your Churn rate is 15%, you are losing $750,000 worth of potential revenue every year. If you can...

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Hacking customer discovery using virtual assistants

Although I now work for a fairly established organisation with thousands of customers worldwide, I still love getting on the phone to customers and talking to them about their jobs, their pain points, their needs, etc. I try to talk to at least 2-3 of our customers per week, as the better I get to know these people the better job I do at marketing to them. To illustrate, this week I spoke to 3 owners of regional production companies (customers of one of our products at Dubsat) and they all said their main responsibility was ‘making sure ads get out on time’....

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My Culture Code

“A good culture to recruitment is like a good product to marketing.” – Dharmesh Shah, founder of Hubspot I have an incredibly strong belief and passion for culture and believe that culture is something that is going to happen whether you to choose to shape it or not, so why not play an active role in making an environment people love to work in? I believe a great culture makes everybody who experiences it enjoy their work, and in turn empowers incredible efficiency, creativity and ideas. That said, culture isn’t built on flexible working hours and Friday beers, but on a conscious...

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A practical guide to agile marketing for SaaS businesses

Agile Marketing is a concept I find often lauded in blogs and news sites, but rarely do I see any informative content about how to actually transition to a lean marketing approach. It wasnt until I started reading Lean Startup books like 'Running Lean' (By Ash Maurya) and The Lean Startup (by Eric Ries) that I was truly able to understand how to run an agile marketing team. The purpose of this post is to outline how I approach agile marketing, in the hope that maybe it'll benefit someone else. [vc_separator type='transparent' width='' position='center' color='' border_style='' thickness='20' up='' down=''] Introduction: Ongoings and Experiments [vc_separator type='transparent'...

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The metrics your SaaS company should be measuring

I'm a HUGE believer in running a metrics driven SaaS business. In fact, I think it's basically a pre-requisite for running a successful SaaS business these days and the web is filled with great stories of how the most successful SaaS companies (HubSpot, SEOMoz, KISSmetrics, etc.) are maniacal about their metrics and what that has given them. While it's all well and good to believe in that, actually implementing these metrics can be much more difficult. It's a process i've been through three times now (each time using KISSmetrics) and I wanted to share with you the metrics that we've considered...

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