5 things I’ve learnt from co-founding a startup

Im happy to say that this month was our first cash flow positive month over at Launchpad6, and whilst i had been dreaming of this moment for quite a while it seemed to pass without much commotion as we all of a sudden started to look at how we can repeat the performance next month. Perhaps we should've taken a moment to celebrate the milestone as it is an important one, but thats not what this post is about. I wanted to share with you, my two subscribers and 30 odd monthly visitors (who are most likely bots or people who...

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Fear and anxiety driving consumerism

The AdNews Agency of the year awards were on last week and in reading the results in the latest issue of AdNews there really was some great work produced in 2010. The most notable I thought, was Happy Soldiers campaign for Tontine, the Australian market leader in pillows. The problem Tontine faced was that there market was stagnating and their products lifecycle was too long, consumers were too attached to their pillows and refused to change them. Enter Happy Soldiers and the 'Dated Pillows' campaign. Happy soldiers research showed them that a whole ecosystem of bacteria, dead skin cells and fungi...

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